Sacred Invitations

She’s only a figurine, and yet she speaks to me. She isn’t real. Yet her presence exudes things that enliven and green all that is good in me. How does this African dancer do that? Or is it really the work of something unseen swirling about her and in-between us both. Perhaps such is the language and music, the creativity and compassion of the Spirit of Life. There is clearly a mysterious generosity embedded in and exuding from so much as we live. Nature, music, art, encounters with all kinds of creatures – you name it – make regular invitations for us to learn more about ourselves and others. They seem to encourage the best in us, invite healing, point or even guide us into the possibility of becoming a deeper, richer self. Perhaps they simply help us to get in touch with, embrace and deepen our truest self that has been there all along. And as we each do that, we are each certainly of greater service to the world. We become part of the invitation there, for all creation to know, embrace and savor a greater wholeness. 

What has been your “African Dancer” lately? Is there something you can’t get out of your heart or mind because it’s stirring something there? Is there a figurine, image, piece of music, recent encounter that seems to be giving off some kind of fragrance that is lingering with you even though you swear it’s scentless … want to proclaim the whole thing senseless? 

You are not “losing it”. Go with it … Sit with it. Listen to it. Take in this scent meant only for you in. With it will come the invitations and encouragements meant only for you. Pay attention to what all this is enlivening in you. It’s likely something within and beyond you, Mystery speaking a unique, love based language meant only for you. Ours is simply to stop, open our senses, listen, wonder, and savor. And then reap a harvest that will nourish both us and the world beyond our wildest imagination.

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