Silent Sacred Celebration

When I stop

and sit 


and let silence fill me

the bell of my being

I didn’t even realize was ringing

softly reverberating

slowly grows quiet

returning to absolute stillness


coming together

the inner and the outer

as one

The One

No longer anywhere out ahead

nor anywhere yet behind

I have settled

nestled fully 

into My Truest Home

which is at the same time

The Eternal Home

All that was

and all that might yet be

faded into the distance 

slowly disappearing 

peacefully and beautifully as any sunset

what remains was always there

simply covered by the clutter of thoughts

drown out by the noise 

a cacophony of chatter

from within

from without 

Smiling a knowing smile

I breath deep

smile even wider

breath deeper still

I have re-membered my Self

come back to my Self

grounded my being through be-ing


come back 

mostly from being out ahead


to the only place worth living in and from

a Love so deep and wide

holding me 

and every creature

every bit of creation


all along

The Ultimate Reality

I am back in sync

in rhythm

with THE rhythm

Blessed be

giddy gratitude 

for the consistent 

Heart Beat of All

Heart of All and Holding All

patiently present

constantly calling

from deep within

and far beyond

till we hear the ancient love song 


This is Who You Are

and make our way 


to the savory sacredness 

of Here and Now

taking hold of the life that really is life

to begin 


living from that place 

gracious spaciousness

where details really don’t matter

where I see myself now sipping tea 

clinking cups

with Julian of Norwich 

as we affirm 

simultaneously, silently 

with that same smile 

All really is wellAll manner of things well

isn’t it.

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