Holy Invitations from the Trees

  • The trees are one of the Divine’s special gifts of the fall season.¬†With the ways they change colors, release leaves,¬†expose the trunk and branches, they invite us to much. Blessed be. Fall is a good time to take intentional time, to be with our noticing of the trees, reflecting on these invitations. The colorful leaves changing and falling invite us to think about things changing, dying, falling in and from us. What might the trees be inviting us each to let go of? The exposure of the bare trunk and branches before us, places of steadfastness and strength, groundedness, invite us to think about what is or should remain an important part of us. What do we need to hold on to, or reclaim and hold close? What do we need to be grounded in to know our strength, and so to partner with the Divine in offering more strength to the world?

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