Retreats & Events

Erin has led a variety of spiritual events and retreats of different lengths from an hour, to several hours, a day, or a full weekend. They have been for women, men & women, staff or leadership groups, congregations exploring a theme or the future. They have explored a wide variety of topics and used a wide variety of metaphors. They have often integrated scripture, poetry, music, silence, time for journaling, walking, and more. Contact Erin to discuss your setting and needs to explore the possibility of collaboration and execution of something meaningful.

Sacred Connections” and “Who is this Jesus” events for April and May have been cancelled due to the pandemic situation and concerns over folks gathering in groups right now. Look for small group opportunities in the future when that is again a realistic possibility. Meanwhile, if you would like to explore more about spiritual direction or other one-on-one opportunities to experience “safe space for deep listening and compassionate companionship” as part of your spiritual formation, please contact me for a conversation.