Advent Invitations …

Advent is a special season during the days of less light leading up to Christmas where we are invited to reflect and ruminate on waiting, watching, hoping, looking for signs and wonders, guiding stars and more. For persons of the Christian tradition these themes are specifically woven into the lives of characters found in scripture stories leading up to and including the birth of Jesus. The best invitation, I think, is not to “keep it on the surface”, simply reflecting literally on the story of Jesus’ birth, but rather, ponder as Meister Eckhart puts it, “how we are all meant to be mothers of God.” In other words, in these shorter, darker days in our lives today, (literally and figuratively – sigh …), what new life might be growing in us that we are being invited to recognize and birth out into the world? Going deeper, advent pondering becomes meaningful for personal spiritual growth of all kinds. Toward that end, I offer these brief writings for your December quiet times:

It is a new Advent season.  
There is a new invitation to journey, slowly, to Bethlehem.
A new opportunity to let You grow in us along the way,
and good things be born anew into our lives and the world.
A new opportunity, to ponder the manger,
and see ourselves there alongside angels, shepherds and sheep.
A new opportunity to ponder our literal home, and personal spiritual house;
both places we can intentionally ready for you,
or continuously declare, there is just no room.
What kind of journey will it be?
What kind of gestation will it be?
What kind of gazing will take place?
What kind of room will we make in the inn of our lives?


Holy Advent,
There are so many places we are watching, waiting, hoping
for something new to stir in and among us…
So many places we are longing to know Love being born anew into our lives, and into your world…
As we open our eyes, ears and hearts to receive once again this season  …
Come to us. Birth goodness and mercy in and among us once more.
Guide us by your perfect light,
to the places we might meet you;
to the people we are to accompany toward seeing and knowing fresh love.
That all might once more, find themselves singing …




Holy home
Advent Womb
Healing space
Place of grace
Carrying me to yet another Life …





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